Hello,and welcome to our site

Hello, and Welcome to our site:

Remember the song “live like you are dying”? We can all relate to those words. Diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer with an 18-month survival rating, I had the proverbial wake up call. THAT was over 20 years ago!!. This blog is helping you surround yourself with positive things from words, to see you love, music, gardening, and near and dear to my heart-time Gardenldogs. I want to take this journey with you. What makes you happy, peaceful, smile?.

It’s time to enjoy and celebrate what makes us happy. Share stories and memories. Support and respect. Through the things we love, create, write, live we can find and share joy.

I’ve taught myself to garden. (Ahem). I love everything about gardening. I’m scared of bugs, I have old knees, and in the spring I’m not sure if that’s a radish coming up or a weed. But it is fun!. I’m the proud owner of three dogs, 1 posthumously cat, and a bird. I love dogs. All kinds. Everybody’s puppies is the cutest.PetsHarry?

How about fashion?. At what age should you throw out your prized leather miniskirt.? Anybody know?. Please join me for the answers to these life altering questions!

I promise a world of beautiful, positive, uplifting posts, and welcome your insight. We all have something wonderful to learn and share. The goal of this site is to inspire and support, and especially find solutions for everyday Fashion. Okay, maybe today it’s a wonderful beauty regime, tomorrow protecting our butterflies. We can do this.

Please let me know what you think, or you would like to know more about. Thank you


Founder, JANCI


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