Fabulous And Over Fifty

Pick up any magazine today and you are bound to see beautiful women everywhere. Many over the age of fifty. Middle -age has now been redefined. This is a great time to be a woman in her mid-fifties. In a recent article written by Brie Schwartz she points out items no woman over 40 should have which includes bras that don’t fit and spices that have expired. Okay, how about wearing a t-shirt and quit cooking.

But on the bright side think about sex. Yes, having sex without worrying about birth control. Think of the possibilities. While the Schwartz article concentrated on things that women over 40 should not do, I choose to focus on all the things women over fifty can achieve. Beauty is among them. Katie Couric became the first woman to anchor a news program without a counterpart on national TV at the same time ushering in her fifties. Jane Fonda, Christie Brinkley, Susan Sarandan, are just a few of our over fifties “babes”. We all know older women in our world’s that are over fifty and stunning. Inside and out. I have added a few pictures of those I admire.

According to article published by web MD, American women over fifty are free. They don’t sweat the small stuff. It is more common for women in their forties to seek plastic surgery than women in their fifties. The latter are more assured. I am who I am. Women today, over fifty, have 80% of the buying power, among 81 million baby boomers. Think of that for a moment; if you are in a merchandising , marketing, or advertising career. That is a lot of buying power .Women over fifty have a new definition of fashion in their lives. You know what’s you. You know what you want. You learn to fuel your passions from your inner wisdom, from your soul. Your life only works well when it is fueled from what is inside, not from what is in magazines.– CNorthrup. Your sense of personal style comes together. After decades of experimenting, you learn what feels comfortable, what looks dazzling.–j Ganachi

Women over fifty are wise. At fifty, you learn that life is big, much bigger than you ever thought possible..What you might think is an awful thing, might turn out to be a blessing down the road.–C. Norhrup

Women over fifty get pyshic with age. You never have to confess anything to a woman over fifty. They alre ady know. –A Rooney. You know the wisdom of surrender. You’re right, that your ex-husband wronged you. You can spend the rest of your life beating that drum. That is the road to recovery.The wisdom in letting go. What’s important and what is not. What hill to die on. –C.Northrup.

Women over fifty learn to see the humor in their own screw-ups, And in our screw-ups we find compassion and acceptance. This is not your mother’s “fifties”.

Monthly subscription boxes for beauty, fashion, health

Today let’s talk about something fun I hope we have all dabbled in a little. Monthly subscription boxes.

Topic/Idea 1

What is in them. Well that depends. They are all geared to certain themes. Some could be related to products that come each month to make your house look and smell really clean. Some come in a beautiful basket with lots of lovely feminine things such as candles, soaps, body lotions, and bath oils. Others come in a surprise make up case with an ever-changing array of lipstick, eye shadow beauty brushes, and face creams. It’s a fun way to try out a new brand of blush or eye shadow you wouldn’t have been able to try on your make up budget.

Topic/Idea 2

It is easy to find them. Online is the best. There is a website available that lists all the subscriptions and you can order from them the subscriptions yôu would like and make one payment to them on a monthly basis. The site is mysubscriptionaddiction.

Topic/idea 3

They also make beautiful gifts. And for yourself as well. The prices are competitive and reasonable, and they are attractively presented. They range in prices from $5.00 to $50.00. You can order a single pair of earrings for $3.99 monthly, or a box with silk scarves, full size bottles of product, jewelry, slippers, gloves, and ear buds, a few of the items in the larger boxes like Fab,Fit,Fun or Causebox. The later has a global appeal as the products are unique and outstanding in both of them. The boxes from Fab,Fit,and Fun, and Causebox are lovely. Hand painted by feature artist, and reusable. Can be used for regifting.


In conclusion, I would like to add this is an excellent way for a new product to get introduced to the public who would be their buying base in an exciting form. Most of the monthly subscription boxes or baskets offer a wide variety of products.For all your beauty needs, skin care, and night out tricks, you will be delighted. You know that $110.00 bottle of perfume you bought yourself that didn’t smell all that great a few hours later, for $10 a month you can order a designer purse spray with a monthly supply of spray to check it out yourself. No waste. And when you find YOUR scent you can order from them ,less expensively. How many tubes of lipstick on the bottom of your purse? Who knew the light taupe would match the hue in your eyes just right, to obtain that illusive glow you have been chasing for years.



Who doesn’t love summer?

it is time to enjoy the outside in every way. When we were younger, it was grab a blanket, your favorite color nail polish, you’re tanning oil of choice, and if you weren’t lucky enough to live by pool or lake, your spray bottle of water. Hopefully, someone had a transistor radio, which was a prehistoric harbinger of cell phones for music. But hey, we got this. We had this. We paved the way. With class, and sometimes bling. That’s what the urban gyrls does.

Container gardening tips

container flower tips


What  to put in your pots.

Pots can be filled with perrennials, seeds, bulbs,and annuals. That gives you a whole season of blooming flowers. Perrennials bloom from late spring through fall, depending on type. Seeds will bloom in summer, as well as bulbs, depending in their type  And of course annuals provide instant color. Remember color coordination for your garden drama with a monochromatic blaze of different shades of one color scheme. Remember there are different shades of yellow. Gold, pale yellow and bright. As you change your color scheme in your design don’t be afraid to mix popular colors such as aqua blue and orange. Transition easily in to colors that look good together. Depending on how big your container garden is you can control the flow.


Designing a Container Garden


What do you put in the pot.

Now comes the fun stuff. You can use perennials, bulbs, seeds, and annuals. Choose your color scheme according to the color pallet you are going to follow. First, and foremost you build up your soil in the pot. On bottom, you start with native soil. This would fill up 1/3 of pot. Next 1/3 would be manure, and last 1/3 would be potting soil. Do not use fresh manure, but use bagged, market compost available in stores and nursery. You may mix the top two-thirds of potting soil together if you wish. Water well after planting. Remember to feed your potted plants regularly. Keep in mind, if your plants, as they grow, need particular types of shading. Keeping all plants of one color in a collage will require a certain amount of planning. And please remember plant heights. A hand full of milkweed seeds in a pot should be moved to the back, as they need to take backseat to their shorter compatriots depending on your color scheme. When you purchase plants set them all together according to color and then size. Place them in color coordinated containers to get an idea of what your container garden design would look like.

Where Do You Find Your Flowers.

This is the fun and easy part. Pick out your color first. You know how much space you have in your garden design. If it’s a large area, you will have a number of colors to play with. If the area is small you may be limited to one color or just making a happy pop of color using two colors that play off of each other. Bright orange looks great with green foliage plants, or yellow, or blue. Yellow looks awesome with blue, and lavender goes well with white. An all white garden is beautiful and you can have color night and day. A combination of white morning glories, mixed with heavenly blue, for daytime, and plant moonflowers for an evening filled with a subtle sense of floral smells and the fragrant glow of the moonflowers.

Another fun tip, if you are designing a container garden near your back or front door, don’t forget your package of sweet peas. Make sure the packet says “aromatic” . It makes for a delightfully fragrant moment walking out your door. Remember the flowers that attract butterflies, and hummingbirds. It makes for an enjoyable summer experience.

We all have seen the greenhouses and nursery’s springing up everywhere around us. It’s a great experience for a flower keeper to stroll happily through the narrow rows of beautiful flowers, and sturdy, promising vegetables.Most nursery and greenhouses have everything you would need to start your work of art.

Spring memoriesLooking back through my garden journal i see that

Spring memories

Looking back through my garden journal i see that I was quite the poetic,if I do say so myself. Coming off an illness so devastating, I saw such beauty all around me. I took joy in everything. When I walked through native plants along the woods, I thought they were there for me. Just to enjoy. And out of nowhere the poems came to mind.

I have a special poem about loss of a dear friend i want to share with you.

Please tell me what you think.

my garden

Taking up space any plant can do

Bringing joy may take a move or two

Flowers, garden,container
Flowers ,friends,roses
Design container garden

Opening blossoms on a dreary day


Standing tall in the drought when you want to sway’

A cheery surprise that brings a smile to you,a unexpected bloom,

to chase away the blues

Looking over your shoulder when nightfall descends

Knowing delightfully, it’s not the end

My garden I love,yes I truly do

But I was describing my best

Knowing delightfully it’s not the end

My garden I love,yes I truly do

But I was describing my best friend

dedicated to lost flower keepers I

Elaine, Alice,Denise

Let’s Have Some Flower Fun

  1. This is important for drama. Whatever your garden space you can make it awesome. Start with container colors. If, you have a grouping of color there you go. If not are they spray paint able? Back when I was starting out, with limited cash on hand, I would collect coffee cans, put drainage holes in bottom, and spray paint for a grouping. They do not have to be all one color.

Think about the plant and what color that will be. Your drama comes from the brilliant grouping of one color that is eye -catching. If you like pink, paint cans in different shades of pink. Pick container plants and flower seeds in pink tones. Make sure your choice of plant is right for container size. I like to put a large amount of seeds into a container. When, they grow to full size they will be like a large bush. Just make sure your containers are size appropriate