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Flower-container -garden

Okay. Spring is finally here. Time to put what is in your journal into the ground. Here in northern Wisconsin we have a little later to be able to plant. But, we are container planting. So, if you don’t mind the extra work of bringing young seedlings in your garage,  porch, or some place out of chilly days and nights, you can get started.

Flower-container -garden

tips for vegetable container gardening

I’ve included a picture of a raised garden bed we built through the years to start container gardening. We live in a wooded area by a lake so finding a sunny area 6 hours a day is tricky. We like container gardening because we can choose the size and more choices for location by breaking up our growing areas into multiple smaller grids. Some of our beds require less sunlight than others. Some crops seem to thrive on heavy shaded areas such as lettuce, dill, and parsley, as well as radishes and other root crops. Listed below are some tips to make sure your beds are ready for a season of happy feeding and growing.

Tip 1. Make sure you use untreated lumber to make sure your vegetables are grown food safe. Also make sure any of your containers you use for smaller plants are food safe as well.

Tip 2. Keep your beds no more than 3 feet wide and your length of choice. This will make it easier to reach easily into the garden for harvesting or weeding without stepping into the raised bed itself.

Tip 3. Keep your beds far enough apart to make a path between them or that a lawnmower will fit.

Tip 4. Keep a balance of native soil, peat moss and organic manure for the first fill of your bed. Check the soil composition with a inexpensive soil tester for acid, pH, and other specifications for the plants you are growing.

Tip 5. Make sure you are easily near a water source. You don’t want to carry water for a long treck daily!!. You can purchase an inexpensive soaker hose or drip irrigation system at your local hardware store.

Now you are ready for some real fun.


seeds FlowerHi everyone. Spring has sprung and I’m ready to put up my indoor growroom , and it’s portable so I can easily display it in my kitchen. But let me cover a few things before we get started






Have you decided on vegetables or flowers or both. Flowers use more light to give them the energy to blossum. Vegetables and herbs require less light. Research on the internet for more information on particular plants you want to grow .My growroom

My growroom is 32x32x63. I’m going to use two grow lights. It is portable so I can move it in my kitchen anywhere. Seeds are plentiful this time of year, and make it fun by starting a journal. Name a flower after a loved one who passed. A dear friend you admire or miss; it will make for a fun walk in your flower garden. Make your garden a celebration of love, life,and joy.Plant special areas with a spiritual theme, a special garden for a beloved pet, for grandma or grandpa,or a fairy garden. That I am going to try this year. Have fun!!!!



That is your personal preference. Seeds have all different start times. Are you growing for just yourself?. Do you want to share or sell some plants?. Donate to community growing cause? I plant two seeds in each plug so if one doesnt germinate all is not lost.


Rule of thumb. 32 watts of light is needed for 1 square foot. Because lighting is such an exact art in the growroom i would like to recommend an article to check out that gives you a very substantial amount of information you will need. I found it most helpful. I would like to defer to the experts at LED GROW LIGHT BUYERS GUIDE. the web address is

telephone number {971}2660352.


That will be up to you. I plan to use growing media that is recommended by growroom manufacturers. I will be using a mix of soil and cacao shells. I will be using a drip style of irrigation that will be on timer.
This will enable me to water and feed at same time.


Once again defer to garden centers or online sellers for information you will need. I’m staying totally organic so I will find organic fertilizer and enhancer. I can feed them directly in my drip method with amount recommended.

So there you have it. I am all new at this so if anyone has any advice or Garden flowersuggestions please share with us. I hope it will be as fun as it looks like to me. Anybody else starting this botanical challenge?














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